5 Step Approach We Use to Understand Our Clients’ Business

Deep Analysis and Digital Target Marketing

5 step approach
Deep Analysis and Digital Target Marketing

We’re a Digital Marketing Agency that helps its customers grow and expand their businesses. Our services include using advanced online marketing strategies to boost your online business. We help in brand development by using result oriented approach to boost ecommerce sales.

We make sure we have a good understanding of your business, its potential and where it stands in the market before we start anything. From there we do our research to make sure we know where your business fits best. Be it in the current market you’ve chosen, or some other market.

After that, we start developing strategies. Whether it is to use innovation to grow your business, or to use current trends. We find and use the best possible ways to grow your business organically as well as through paid promotion.

What we do here is, we take all the information you provide us with to understand your business model, value proposition and revenue streams. This gives a bit of insight on how your business works, how it earns, and what you have to offer to the market. We may even conduct a SWOT analysis to know strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business.

Apart from that, we run a competitive market analysis to check what your business can standout for. We narrow it down to the closest competitors in terms of value proposition and run a competitors analysis on them as well.

With that information, we move forward and further analyze your business. Which means, we figure out your goals, KPIs, Target Audience, financial standing and competition.

You might be wondering how we do that. How do we know what’s best for your business and your customers? To answer that, we’ll walk you through steps we take to understand you, your business needs, your customers, and in case of b2b clients, your business client.

1.     Analyzing Business KPIs and Goals

After our deep analysis of where your business stands, you ought to decide where you want to be within a certain period of time. That will give us a direction of where we are headed. Which will help us set your goals and KPIs.

We know most of the hurdles in your way, we know where you want to reach and we’ve got a limited amount of time. What we do here is, set one major objective. And many smaller goals leading to that major objective.

A goal or an objective has to be SMART. Which stands for, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. The more you narrow down on your target, the better chance you have at hitting it. This is why a goal has to be Specific. This helps your business have a more result oriented approach.

It is important for a goal to be measurable in order for us to be able to track progress. Achievability is something pretty obvious yet so important to emphasize upon. If we set unrealistically high goals, it will take our motivation away.

A goal has to be relevant lest you go off track. Having a timeline prevents you from procrastination, lagging behind and missing opportunities.

This makes your objective effective, digestible and doable. Dividing your journey to success into smaller steps makes it easier to achieve it. When your objective is time-bound, you have to make sure you are moving at the right pace.

This is where Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs as we call it, come into play. To track the performance, we set up a standard through calculation. That standard is called a Key Performance Indicator. We gauge daily, weekly, monthly and annual performance of your business by comparing it to the set KPI. As well as comparing it to the results attained from competitors analysis.

We help you outline your goal in terms of how much revenue you have to make. How many deals you must close. How many customers you need to attract. How vast you can expand. How popular your business has to grow. Along with that, we help you calculate the timeframe within which it is possible to achieve the said goal.

This is how our firm concludes your business goals and KPIs. These goals and KPIs help a great deal if we don’t lose sight of them.

2.     Understanding Your Target Audience

Understanding your potential customers is vital to your marketing. It is in best interest of your business that you utilize your resources in attracting just the right group of people. The ones that not only need and want what you have to offer, but can afford it too.

How do you know who these people are?

That’s where we step in. Your target audience is a large group of different people, who have something in common apart from the need you can fulfill. Those common characteristics help you distinguish your target audience from general public.

How do you find out what these traits are?

We conduct surveys, carry out research and gather data from multiple sources. All of this helps us identify common traits among people that are inclined to buying from your business. We gather all of this information and divide your potential customers into groups based on common characteristics. For example, corporate clients, business clients, b2b clients, young adults or working women in a certain area.

Each of these groups is then represented by a character assigned to it. This character is called target persona.

The target persona carries all the characteristics a group of potential customers have in common. Our entire marketing strategy revolves around the target audience. Target Persona being the absolute representation of our target audience, has to be as relatable to our audience as possible.

Through deep analysis of all the datasets related to a particular group, we outline the target persona’s entire personality. This includes their interests, hobbies, demographics, needs, goals, struggles, outlook and even the name.

We build your target persona with attention to every possible detail. We carry out all the needed research, gather and mine all the relevant data to bring life to it.

3.     Setting up and Maintaining Budget for Your Business

Budgeting sure is one of the tough parts of planning. It requires thorough calculation, deep analysis, knowledge of market rates in great detail and hectic amount of research. But with our help, it becomes a piece of cake.

5 step approach
Setting up and Maintaining Budget for Your Business

Understanding of your business, goals, KPIs, and your target audience plays a great role in allocation and maintenance of budget. We know how your business works, where it stands, what your goals are, and who you need to attract towards it. We have data from market competitive analysis. And we have an idea of what competitors are investing through competitors analysis.

Now comes the part where we develop a marketing strategy. Marketing strategy and budgeting go hand in hand. So we take your budget into account and divide it into smaller portions. Each portion is allocated to a specific campaign or aspect of the marketing plan. Whether it’s brand awareness, or b2b digital marketing. We know how much to invest in each aspect of digital target marketing.

We make sure your money is invested in things that give the highest amount of returns on investment. Whether it’s the campaigns that cause the most sales, or the organic content creation. We make sure none of your money gets wasted.

5 step approach

We don’t just plan out your budget, but also maintain it. We ensure that the plans approved by you are well executed, and the budget approved by you is wisely utilized.

We take the load off of your shoulders and lend our experience to make your business successful.

4.     Implementing Results-Driven Marketing Strategy

5 step approach
     Implementing Results-Driven Marketing Strategy

Once your budget and digital target marketing strategy are planned out, only thing left to do is implement them. Implementing a whole plan and maintaining it within the given budget is not easy. It requires a lot of effort, time, energy, patience, consistency and can even come with opportunity cost if you have far greater things to do for your business.

We set you free from this hectic job by stepping in and lending a hand. We make sure our results-driven marketing strategy is used best to its capabilities. We keep the market competitive analysis in mind. Implementation of the entire plan is now our job. This can free you up from all the stress so you can focus on other aspects of your business. We help you save time, and energy so you can do better things.

5.     Monitoring and Tracking Progress throughout the Project

5 step approach
Monitoring and Tracking Progress throughout the Project

Successful implementation of a marketing strategy requires constant monitoring and tracking. Constant supervision of all the marketing activities is really needed in order for everything to go as planned.

It may even require keeping track of your competitors’ progress. Which is why the results from market competitive analysis are so important.

We take it upon us to track and monitor progress throughout the project at micro as well as macro level. We ensure nothing goes wrong, and any arising issue is resolved. We bring all the KPIs to use and track the daily performance of all the campaigns set on each and every channel in the project.

Side by side, we’re constantly running competitors analysis and comparing our results with theirs.

Our teams of experts keep this progress in check and take actions that optimize your growth whenever possible. Results of a digital target marketing strategy not only help you keep things in order at present, but give great insights for future as well.

We make sure these insights are well utilized for the benefit of your business. We keep a track on our journey and how far ahead we’ve come through tracking progress. Which gives us an idea of how close your business is to achieving its goals.

In summary, we help your business grow through following steps.

  • Analyzing Business KPIs and Goals
  • Understanding Your Target Audience
  • Setting up and Maintaining your Business Budget
  • Implementing Results Driven Marketing Strategy
  • Monitoring and Tracking Progress  throughout the Project

Our mission is to make everything simpler, smoother and efficient for your business. We help you navigate the market and check where your business stands. We run market competitive analysis for that and help you beat your competition.

For this, we carry out detailed research and make sure your business fits the market it’s currently in. We run a competitors analysis and compare your unique selling points with others. From there we take you to the next step and set a direction by outlining a goal and it’s KPI.

Along with that we gather data on your target audience to understand them better. We build a target persona for you so that our future marketing strategies are as accurate as possible.

After that, we decide the budget and how it can be best utilized through thorough calculation. Then we build a results driven marketing strategy for your business. Once it is approved and penned down to the minutest of details, we implement it and keep track of the results.

When everything is in action, we make sure nothing goes unsupervised. We keep track of your progress, opportunities that lie ahead of you and keep an eye in case anything starts to go wrong. We are there for immediate resolution in case any problem arises.

Reach out to us and we’ll respond right away. Our representatives will guide you through the process. Our services are tailor made for the specific needs of your business. Whether you want b2b digital marketing, or just wanna increase brand awareness. We are here for you. We can even provide you with a whole package from business analysis, to costing and budgeting. Including digital target marketing and implementation of all the plans.

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